Monday, November 23, 2015

ٌReview: SOS's Solution for scars | SOSريفيو: كريم ازالة الندبات من

While we're all different people from all around the world if there could be one thing that we all have in common, that would be Scars! Whether it's acne, accidental, burn or surgical scars, maybe even stretch marks, We all have them.

While some of us don't mind having these imperfections the rest of us do and feel insecure because of them specially knowing that there is a wide range of scars with different types and sizes. In both cases if we had the chance to make them disappear i'm pretty sure we all would take it. With that being said I'm really excited to get my hands on this product called Solution for Scars from Science of skin 
It was made by Plastic sergeon And founder of sos Douglas McGeorge And Dr. Ardeshir Bayat And It retails for £18.99.
It combines the most effective ingredients from science and nature to help sooth and calm the scar area and reduce the appearance, discomfort and redness of scars. The naturally active ingredient is Green Tea extract that is scientifically proven to shrink abnormal scars and the best part about it is it could be used as preventive scar therapy on newly formed scars which have just healed or on older, more mature scars. I personally had a cut on my foot 2cm long about a month ago, it still has some redness to it and i also have a few small acne scars on my cheek so i will be trying the cream on both of them (yes! It can be used on the face too). I'll make an updated post about it later on showing you the results and what i experienced. (Here)
كلنا عارفين ان الندبات مثل اثار الجروح، الحبوب، الحروق و علامات التمدد صعب جداً التخلص منهن و لهن اشكال و درجات مختلفة يعني ممكن وحدة تعاني من اثر حبة صغيرة و غيرها مدايرة عملية و تعاني من اثر جرح كبير. في الحالتين لو قدرنا نتخلصوا منهن اعتقد اننا حنحاول اكيد
شركة science of skin دزتلي كريم solution of scars شركة بريطانية و اللي صنعوا الكريم هم دكتورين احدهم اخصائي جراحة تجميل. 
العناصر الفعالة للكريم خليط ما بين اخر المواد اللي اكتشوفها في المعامل و بين مواد من الطبيعة لتهدئة و اخفاء احمرار و علاج الندبات. اختاروا مستخلص الشاي الاخضر بعد ما تم الاثبات علمياً بأنه يصغر حجم الندبات.
انا شخصياً مزلت حنجربه و نشوف بنفسي عشان نشارككم تجربتي في بوست (بوست النتائج)

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